Pandrol CDM Track
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Pandrol CDM Track is a Belgian company pertaining to the Pandrol Group of companies ( who are a member of the Delachaux Group ( Pandrol CDM Track (PCT) has specialised in noise and vibration for over 60 years. Our rail isolation systems have been developed to protect people all over the world, in their living and working environments, from the stressful effects of noise and vibration generated from rail systems.

Light rail, metro, underground, high speed and heavy rail all generate high levels of noise and vibration which can travel through the ground and cause significant noise nuisance in major city infrastructure such as concert halls, theatres, cinemas, studios, hospitals, schools, universities, apartments and commercial buildings.

Over many years Pandrol CDM Track has researched and tested, in our own laboratories and other independent facilities, many raw materials and systems and the analysis of this data has allowed us to optimise solutions for each level of track isolation. We have an ongoing commitment to the research and development of track solutions, including participation in several European framework and research programmes and The European Committee for Standardisation. Our involvement in this research and development is one of the driving forces for the expansion and improvement of our range of systems.

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