Pandrol CDM Track
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Pandrol CDM Track provides a full range of standard rail products and systems to mitigate the effect of noise and vibration coming from Trains, Trams, and Metros to make the world a quieter place - where people are happier, healthier and more productive in an environment where levels of noise and vibration are responsably managed and maintained at an acceptable level.

Ballasted Track Systems USP & UBM

Our standard systems are divided into three categories and following is a brief overview for each of them.

Ballasted Track Systems
CDM-USP Under Sleeper Pads
CDM-UBM Ballast Mats

Slab Track Systems
CDM-UBP Under Base-plate Pad
CDM-BSP Booted Sleeper Pads
CDM-FSM Floating Slab Mats
CDM-FSP Floating Slab Pads

Embedded Rail Systems
FTrack: F(lexiweb)Track – either discrete or continuously supported track with Flexiweb rubber profiles decoupling the whole rail from its environment
PTrack: P(oured)Track – fastenerless continuously supported poured elastomer system


Q(uiet)Track – fastenerless continuously supported track with QT rubber profiles
QTrack can be installed in three different ways:

QTrack-JIG - installed on site using specially made installation jigs.

QTrack-BEAM - where the rail gets delivered to site in a precast concrete beam reducing
installation time.
... a choice of finish
... concrete finish

QTrack-SLAB - where the whole track gets delivered in a fully complete reinforced
concrete slab with road finish, drainage, switching equipment etc. fully incorporated.

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