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At Pandrol CDM Track we combine quality, reliability, technical excellence and cost effectiveness to offer the best range of track isolation solutions available today and here are some of the reasons we think you should be talking to us.

Vibration Isolation - Pandrol CDM Track has been at the forefront of vibration isolation techniques for track infrastructure for several decades and has acquired a wealth of credible technology which is now being utilised to make significant advances in noise and vibration isolation for the rail market. Our keen understanding of material stiffnesses and performance is being used to individually tune isolation elements to provide the required level of isolation on a project by project basis.

Lateral Stability - Lateral stability of rails is a major safety consideration and although some of our embedded rail systems do not include mechanical fasteners they are carefully designed and extensively tested to ensure they provide better stability than would be achievable with a mechanically fixed rail.

Maintenance and Replacement - The cost of track maintenance and replacement, usually due to rail wear over time, is a major factor when selecting a track system and careful consideration is given when designing our systems to ensure minimum disruption during the replacement programme. QTrack can easily be removed and replaced during night time shut down periods without disturbing the structure of the road and avoiding expensive traffic delays and re-routing.

Electrical Isolation - Resistivity to stray current leaving the rail and protection of the rail and the surrounding infrastructure from corrosion is a major function of the elastic elements used to support rails. Sometimes additional electrical isolation may be required, such as when rails are used for sending signalling information, and our solutions, which have been closely monitored over decades of successful installations, meet all relevant standards and requirements.

Speed of Installation - Many areas of track are located on and across heavily trafficked roads and rail and the speed of installation is one of the most important factors in deciding which system to install. Our systems are carefully designed to provide the most cost effective solution whilst ensuring the minimum amount of installation time and disturbance to other traffic.

Responsibly Managed Materials - The majority of materials used to manufacture our isolation elements are made from end-of-life rubber tyres. This rubber is carefully graded into different stiffness types and granule size before being resin-bonded to create a range of stiffnesses from which we produce our finished products and systems. When an installation is replaced, after many years operation, the excavated rubber can be collected by us and recycled again to create other rubber products. We believe this sustainable approach provides the most responsibly managed range of isolation materials available on the market today.

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